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For the 2018, 2019, and 2020 seasons, parents created a Shutterfly site to host player photos and share updates! That site can be found here. Enjoy!

Welcome alumni players and parents! The Vandal Lacrosse family is proud to have had many tremendous, dedicated individuals among us as players, coaches, families, board members, parents, trainers, sponsors, and everyone in between since we were established in 2004.

Each season the Vandal Lacrosse family grows a little bigger. Some come and go each semester, and some stay to see it through for a full four seasons and beyond. We welcome everyone that has played a part in growing this Tribe from the North, its traditions, and its status as a competitive team in the Northwest.


Our hope is to create a community and offer ways to stay involved. Here are a few ways to stay involved: ​

  • Volunteer as a member on the Vandal Lacrosse Inc., Board (service is a two year commitment)

  • Network with team members wanting to advance in their professional careers

  • Follow us on social media

  • Referee/coach within the league

  • Donate!

Proudly Supported By:

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