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Support the Vandals this Lacrosse Season – Fundraiser Announcement!

Updated: Feb 26

Vandal Family! A little business to take care of as the season starts. As you can see by the photo, the team is very serious about taking care of business! Hard at work.

All jokes aside, we have an exciting in-season fundraising opportunity to kick off! You may have heard rumblings – we’re excited to officially kick off our PledgeIt fundraiser for the 2023 season!

Our campaign page is here! Each player has their own unique page, too! We encourage you to ask them for a link and follow along for updates!

How does this work?

PledgeIt is a platform that allows for donors to pledge per “point” scored throughout the season. A donor (hopefully you!) can pledge per point for one player or multiple players. This pledge can be as high or low as the donor would like. Statistics will be entered after every game. Then, based on the dollar amount pledged per point, the donation for that game will be calculated. The total donation will come out at the end of the season once the final points have been tallied!

What counts as a point?

A point is a statistic. Points for this fundraiser are:

  • 1 Goal = 1 Point

  • 1 Assist = 1.5 Points

  • 1 Ground Ball = 0.5 Points

  • 1 Save = 0.5 Points

  • 1 Team Win = 3 Points

For example, a donor pledges $1 per point for Player X throughout the season. Player X earns 5 points (ex. 2 goals, 1 assist, 3 ground balls) each of our 10 games, that totals 50 points. The donor would be charged $50 total at the end of the season, $5 for each game.

Very cool, right? How do you support?

There are two ways to support your favorite player or players!

  1. Ask for a link from the player to their personal PledgeIt page and follow the prompts to donate.

  2. Visit the general campaign page and select “Donate or Pledge”. This will allow you to make a one-time donation or pick a player to pledge!

A tutorial video on how to give can be viewed here. Please contact us if there is any trouble.

Additionally, players will be posting updates on their pages as the season progresses! Follow along for updates!

Thanks so much in advance! We're extremely excited for the season to begin!

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